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Why Orienting Trees?

Once enough trees in a given area have been oriented, the energy of the area rises until the oriented trees are able to send out a higher vibration to all other vegetation in the area through their root system. This invigorates the whole area with a higher healing vibration for all humans and the entire natural world in the surrounding area.

The orientation of a sufficient number of trees all over the world will create connections so complex that plants will unite and become like a huge living computer. Trees will process data at a level sufficient to interact with the intelligence of the Earth herself, and intervene to re-establish an ecological and climatic balance.


We humans will retrieve an important part of our collective soul, a step toward the indispensable wholeness on the path to realize our divine nature. This orientation is part of the new signal we send to the galaxy—a sign of a new level of consciousness being awakened on Planet Earth.

In Spirals of Energy (see the book), Wendy Grace — a patron and pioneer of the Tree Orienting project—writes:

“In connection with the Selfic energies, we initiated a project that rapidly spread to places around the world, from Hawaii to Japan, North and South America and all around the world. This work with nature feeds the healthy energy field of the planet. Our actions of orienting the trees, to me, are an act I and others choose to make with the trees, on behalf of all humanity, to compensate for the destruction of 95 percent of the large, giant trees on the planet. Destroying so much of nature, humanity also distances itself from its divine nature. When I circle around the trees with a Selfic instrument, in connection with the Selfic intelligences, a healing begins: the trees return to a purpose they held for the Earth long before humans even walked on this planet. As they heal, they help us restore our relationship with nature and reconnect with our memories so we can know fully once again who we are in the cosmic scheme. Trees are holders and facilitators of memories. We can walk again in a world where we connect with our divine nature and the sacredness of all life. In the words that came as a prayer: “We are here to sculpt a new architecture of being, awakening community with all beings and empowering love…”


In the same book, Robert Wootton, who oriented six thousand trees in the Amazon rainforest , comments:

“I felt that Selfica was trying to show me something. It lifted the veil more, saying ‘look at the structure of everything.’ It became obvious that as we perceive, we are transmitters as well as receivers, and we have to learn to receive a bit more rather than just sending out our inner noise. Selfica reintroduced me to the magic of the plant kingdom, the nature spirits and that there is present all around us beings on many levels or frequencies communicating with us, enlightening us, opening our eyes, so we can realize what is already here. At a certain point in our human history, we were a part of this community under the trees. Now we have lost the connection to nature, where we evolved from. Now we go to the cities and all we do is to destroy the forest to recreate it with steel and concrete. We need to reconnect… to be in Harmony with All.”



For more info on how to take part in Tree Orienting: globaltreenet@damanhur.org

"Orient" Trees and Connect to the Consciousness of Nature

 To activate the connection between trees and humans and participate in a worldwide campaign of awareness and celebration of our relationship with the plant world. At the core of this initiative is a specific technique devised in Damanhur: walking with a selfic Damanhur pendulum you circle a tree — preferably a mature tree of great stature, but all trees count!

Selfica is an ancient spiritual technology, revived at Damanhur.

The interaction between your intention, the energetic structure of the pendulum and that of the trees create an energetic mycelium, connecting trees also when their roots are not in touch with one another. The aim of this process is to make “tree-ness”—the consciousness of trees—whole again, all over our planet. People from all over the world are invited to participate, adding their unique artistic, cultural, and spiritual approaches.

Human presence and intention are indispensable to re-establish the spiritual connection with the tree world: we need to remember that we are all part of the same living and spiritual ecosystem.