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  • Alexei

    October 23, 2023 at 02:56

    Hello everybody! I have written important things about myself in my profile, but here I will add that I think I live in virtual reality like in the Matrix cinema, particularly since I find many coincidences in my life and it is too interesting, although not happy yet – but I consider it is usual in games to achieve success. I see too many ways and chances to achieve success in my global dreams to consider it realistic.

    I pledged to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that I will always be vegan, but couldn’t endure it. I mean meat is my addiction, not simply wish. I am agreed to experiment with diet and transhumanism to achieve ability to create the perfect life for each sentient being(maybe except for the voluntarily evil).

    I am some interested in Soviet science and think there are many things that are forgotten or deliberately kept classified in modern science, although weren’t such in USSR(Russian language is my native). But as somebody told about me: I am not educated – I’ve picked up many pieces of information. But I’ve picked up some real gems!

    Independently came to panpsychism(opinion that all matter is able to feel), if don’t count that I had learnt some university and school physics that inspired me for such a conclusion(some details in my profile). This opinion was shared among some great scientists like Bertrand Russel or Giordano Bruno.

    Will be happy if users send me comments.