Reply To: The Peoples on Earth. Before and nowadays, curious facts, legends and tales

  • Nandù

    March 22, 2024 at 21:54

    Indigenous Arctic Siberian woman, Snow Raven, delves into the rich tapestry of her heritage, sharing the ancient traditions and practices of her people. From mystical shamanism, to mimicking birds and animal sounds to go into trance – Snow Raven reveals the wisdom of her people, and how it can change the world.

    She recounts her childhood in Arctic Siberia, where it reaches -96 degrees in the winter, and 100 degrees in the summer. She reflects on how surrendering to a harsh environment and the natural cycles of life, has helped her people to live in harmony with the Earth.

    Snow Raven offers invaluable perspectives on the merging the wisdom of indigenous traditions and the Western world, reminding us that we are all indigenous to Mother Earth.