• Nandù

    August 10, 2023 at 03:00

    Spiral Experiment on 8.8. in Mürzsteg, Austria
    Hello dear ones, today I would like to tell you about an experiment we did in and with my spiral. For this I have to say in advance that I had an 84-year-old dowser visiting me. His dowsing rod consists of two bent welding wires that he uses to detect water and all sorts of things. He was doing some work at my place, and when he saw that I was going into the spiral, he got the wires and stood with them next to the spiral. In doing so, he noticed that the wires “went” with me. I then got caught briefly on a rosebush and consequently stopped. At that moment the wires also stopped. When I moved again and went on, the wires followed me again.

    Then it became even more exciting. Hans stood near the entrance with his back to the spiral and I went to him and stood in front of him. Since I was apparently still slightly charged, the wires moved very slightly in my direction, but remained primarily straight. As I walked sideways by and behind him, near the spiral, the wire slowly followed me.

    But when I then touched a stone of the spiral with a toe, the wire literally whizzed around it, in my direction. That was incredibly exciting. We then tried it in the other direction, so I went around him again and then touched the stone from this side behind him, so sometimes right and sometimes left, then even both wires around him, in my direction.

    After that he went over the stones directly into the center of the spiral, but he put down the wire in every turn to keep the connection. At first he just let the wires hang down in the middle and immediately they started swinging out like a pendulum. “There it is, the pendulum clock,” Hans said. In the middle, the wire then swung out completely and crossed over behind Hans’ head. I was standing outside, but close to the spiral. Because I was photographing this, and it is not so easy to “catch” the wire with the camera, I walked back and forth on the outside. In the process, we then noticed that one of the two wires was “following” me again. Wherever I moved, no matter in which direction, the wire was following me. Hans has never experienced anything like this, and he has been working with the dowsing rod for many, many decades.

    I must say that I was barefoot the whole time and did not wear shoes. I wanted to share this exciting and beautiful experience with you. On Saturday we will repeat the experiment. I have guests there and we want to find out if the reaction is the same for others, and how it turns out when you add the pentacle. I did not wear it. In this sense, it remains exciting … Con voi, Shamusa