Uniting the Forces within

Feel the presence of the multiplicity of the divine facets within you and in the cosmos, and find the path to Unity.

Experience with us three meditations that will connect your Inner Self with the cosmic energies represented in the stained-glass windows of the Labyrinth in the Temples of Humankind. By directing your energy, you can reach the most hidden parts of yourself, harmonizing them towards your happiness and building a better world.

Three meditations

The three Meditations we propose are designed to connect our inner selves with the cosmic energies we have called divinities, represented in the stained-glass windows of the Labyrinth Hall.

In the first, we will contact our most hidden parts, those to which we rarely give voice, “aided” by a triad of subterranean divinities connected with the afterlife.

In the second, we will connect to those we usually express, those we often identify with, “assisted” by a triad of divinities connected to the sun.

In the third, we will connect with a triad of divinities connected to creation because, by harmonizing opposites, it will be possible to awaken our creative power, to put it at the service of our happiness and the building of a better world.

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Connect to your Divine Spark

A myth passed down by word of mouth, heart to heart, tells the story of a Great Mirror.

A mirror so grand it contained all the knowledge, energy, and memory of what has been, what is, and what will be, expressing through its reflection the magic and brilliance of the entire universe.

One day, or perhaps one windy night, the mirror broke, shattering into a myriad of pieces scattering everywhere, carrying primeval energy, knowledge, and memory. Although far from the totality to which it had belonged, each piece retained the ability to reflect the whole. And still today, it yearns to return to that state, where everything was whole and pure before it knew of the pain of fracturing.

It is us humans, plants, animals, the stars, and all that lives and vibrates within the universe that is sustained by this nostalgic memory of what we were and wish to become again. Alive inside of us is a memory of something extraordinary that goes beyond our understanding of everyday life and a “Divine Spark” that pulsates at the beat of our heart, courageous and determined to live experiences that will assist in the realization of its most authentic nature.

What is “the divine”?

It is for sure a mystery, and… what if each divinity every People contacted and worshipped–inside lavish cathedrals, or among the rustling leaves of Nordic forests, on rock altars, or in sacred geometry structures–were all large parts of the original mirror? What if they were to represent archetypes within the collective subconscious expressing all of Humanity’s knowledge, energy, and memory?

The great dream could very well be to connect these (divine) energies to reconstruct a harmonious origin, a balance of diverse forces, each with its color and frequency.

In Damanhur, we have been working for decades to create a harmonious alignment of divine forces, each contributing its color and frequency to our realm. We have called the union of these forces the “Triad,” a sort of orchestra where each instrument with its distinct sound plays in harmony with the others, creating a symphony.

The Labyrinth of the Temples of Humankind

After successfully completing this operation, which could be described as a true “magic act,” we turned to art to make the invisible visible. Our goal was to create a space where all the divinities recognized by the Peoples who have existed and continue to live on our Planet can connect in perfect harmony. This space is called the Labyrinth, one of the Halls within the Temples of Humankind.

The Labyrinth is a unique place adorned with sculptures, stained glass windows, and mosaic floors. It provides an opportunity for meditation and a connection with the forces that we feel most intimately connected to. Within the Labyrinth, we can lose ourselves and find ourselves again. Most importantly, it allows us to establish a deeper connection with ourselves, recognizing that we are a complex amalgamation of emotions, thoughts, past wounds, insights, memories, and limitations that sometimes hinder our ability to express our preciousness fully.