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The spiral is without any doubt the basic shape of our universe: starting from the helix of the DNA to the galaxies, nature displays an incredible variety of spirals. But there is something more: at Damanhur we think that spirals are not just shapes to be observed but structures to be walked through; not just geometric figures, but living forms, as they constitute the “nest” of cosmic energies that interact with those who walk through them.
When we enter this defined space, time undergoes a transformation, a dilation; we feel a kind of elongation, as if behind us there are other selves following us, realizing a shift that takes place in time and space. We are not simply there where we think we are at that moment, but also in all the stages from when we enter until we reach the center and then the exit, as if there were a rubber band repeating our figure a certain number of times. Our subtle bodies stretch, training themselves to function like accordions; in this way, we learn to perceive the various aspects that make up our complexity.
According to the law of correspondence between the inside and the outside, movement within the spiral gives impetus to inner movement, in an interplay of perceptions and emotions that becomes an important tool for our personal growth.
Science fiction?
Spirals are great transformers, in the sense that plants are, which, through their metabolism, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, that is, something harmful to us into something vital. Similarly, spirals contribute to the conversion of our feelings and emotions into something more useful for our evolutionary path. Thus, emotions that are “difficult” to sustain, such as fear or pain, can become a support for our vital complexity.
All of existence is a continuous going through a spiral, going back from the same points to a higher level of complexity, from a general principle to a distillation of the principle itself, and then being able to have building blocks to get to the next point.
The exciting project that Damanhur has been running for several years (since 2019) promotes and supports the construction of spirals around the world. To date, spirals have been built in Europe (Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, England, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland), Africa (Tanzania), Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Israel, and the USA (Colorado, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, Florida).
Spirals can be made of stones or rope, and they must receive a special preparation, which connects them to the Synchronic Lines, the flows of energy and thought that envelop the Planet, connecting it to the Galaxy of which it is a part.
This platform is a space dedicated to the magic of Spirals. Here you can find information, sharing of experiences, stimuli for 360-degree research, and most of all the opportunity to participate, learn how to build a spiral in your territory, exchanging and collaborating on common projects. And so much more to discover…