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Esperide Ananas Ametista started channeling in 1991, after a spiritual opening following the death of a dear friend. The spiritual forces that manifested in her energetic field declared themselves to be Horus Frequencies. It was they, who announced to Esperide that her life was to change drastically, in order for her to fulfil her life mission.
At the time she was working as a high-profile PR for innovative business ventures in Milan. The following year, she enrolled in Damanhur’s School for Spiritual Healing, and in 1993 she left her job and her city and moved to the mountain valley where Damanhur — still very small at the time — is located. Here, she perfected her channeling abilities through oracle practices and past life research. She then became one of the main voices for “Selfic Spiritual Intelligence”, a collective group of high spiritual frequencies that are allies in the awakening. She know leads people worldwide in expanding and “training” their subtle senses to participate in life more fully, and with more awareness.