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I am psychologist that worked for a long time in the area of HR, consulting and coaching. Something seemed off, I searched, asked questions and then I discovered Damanhur. I felt “home” immediately. After failing attempts to suppress the calling to come and live here, in 2015 I finally surrendered and joined this laboratory for the future of Humankind.

I have more roles than I can count, so typical in Damanhur, but my main job is communicating Damanhur to the world through our blog and social media. I’m in love with Damanhur and what it represents – a group of heartfelt enthusiasts on a mission to change the world for the better.

My passion is our basic mythology, spiritual physics, that I think opens the mind and heart to a different way of seeing the world, allowing for a new ‘being’ to emerge, based on ‘togetherness’ and a consciousness that goes beyond the individual.