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A more loving, compassionate and conscious reality is making its way amidst the chaos of these changing times. Discover how you can actively participate in its unfolding with us. Here you find spiritual content and magical initiatives to take part in. The mission is to accelerate the manifestation  of unitary consciousness of all Life.

One of the practical examples of how commited we are to this, are the Temples of Humankind, a magnificent cathedral we built by hand inside a mountain. These Temples are a magical transceiver, on a special power point on our planet. They  connect with spiritual energies guiding the awakening of every being on Earth to the presence of the divine within.

What the community offers you

Connection with spiritual change-makers around the world

Meet people sharing a similar vision and hope for the world: new friends to make an impact together.

Magical operations

Feel magic all around you, and learn how to create it. Participate in actions and events to help raise  human consciousness and the vibration of our planet.

Dedicated discussion groups

Share your interests, research and results with others. Join local groups to experiment together also in person.  

Damanhurian Nexus: A Tapestry of Events Bridging Worlds

Explore a world of unity and discovery through Damanhur’s diverse events, from spiritual rituals to enriching courses and vibrant social gatherings.

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Conversations and Circles: Exploring Pathways of Connection


About Damanhur

Damanhur was born in 1975 in the foothills of the Italian Alps as a Spiritual Community founded from the inspiration of Falco Tarassaco Lava, (né Oberto Airaudi – 1950-2013).

It is known around the world for its Temples of Humankind, an underground cathedral that acts as an antenna for the awakening of humanity.

Today, Damanhur is a living laboratory for the Future, a Federation of spiritual communities, and a worldwide movement that positively impacts the lives of thousands of people.

All aspects of the Damanhurian experience—from shared everyday life to its path of sacred wisdom and initiation—are aimed at the awakening of individual and collective awareness to support human spiritual evolution in an active way.

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Guidelines to Support a Loving Space

As a member of this community, you act as a change agent to bring forth a more loving and compassionate world. We do not allow posts or comments that promote hate speech or any type of harassment.
Any post that is not aligned with this vision will be removed.

Make a conscious effort to approach the other community members with curiosity and openness, even if their experience differs from yours. If you don’t resonate with this vision, this community is not for you.

Fill in your profile with at least your name and profile picture. Everyone wants to know whom they’re interacting with, and it’s an act of generosity to the other members to represent themselves honestly and genuinely.

This is a way to avoid internet trolls.

We kindly ask you not to share promotional materials and use this Community for its main purpose.

Our suggestion is to try to work it out through private messaging, and to not use the public platform. 

If you feel a problem is serious enough to require intervention, please contact the hosting team or your own support group.

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