HumaniTree Alliance

Reconnect with the plant world, weaving the threads of a long-lost ancient relationship between humans and trees

A worldwide magical action to bring the human and plant worlds closer together, as they once were. The more we reconnect to the sacredness of nature, the more we can live in harmony with the living energy field of the universe that sustains or life and evolution.

The precious function of Trees

Trees are a part of our soul, and they hold memories. In ancient times, Sacred Groves were the first temples, and the places where we would go to connect to our ancestors. Marriages and sacred oaths would take place under a tree, that was the witness and the guarantor of the commitment. 

Trees are gateways of communication with life in the universe, antennae transmitting and receiving all information present in nature.

Our relationship with Trees

Humans have, by and large, forgotten the sacredness of nature and we are methodically destroying forests and eco-systems. Earth and humanity are, as consequence, losing more and more experiences and awareness.

Plants can live and long life, and thy have a long memory. They preserve our history, from its very beginning; we can partly retrieve it by entering in a deep empathic connection with tree elders. 

Tree Orientation Project

Tree Orientation is a project that Damanhur has been carrying out for over a decade. Anyone who perceives trees as living creatures can participate, in a simple and concrete way, to re-establish the vital connection between the world of humans and plants.

Tree Orientation reestablishes a relationship that has been interrupted due to our lack of sensitivity to the ecosystem we belong to. It is an opportunity to recreate a true alliance between our species, conveying the signal that humanity has understood the need for deep communication with our tree friends.

This magical operation is called “orientation,” because the energies and consciousnesses of the trees are aligned towards a common direction, with the aim of creating an energetic connection between all trees on the planet, even where their roots no longer touch. The goal of this initiative is to connect the plants with each other on a new level, allowing them to unite their power and intelligence at a higher level, bringing back fully what we call, with a bold new logic,  “treeness.”

We dream of a humanity that becomes more aware of the plant world, understanding it is as a living, intelligent being with which to establish a constant dialogue necessary for our common evolution.

The Tree Orientation project began in September 2011, simultaneously in California, Japan and Damanhur. Today there are thousands of people involved in this project; their enthusiasm has made it possible to orient millions of trees on every continent, except Antarctica.

If you feel the desire to participate in this great magical project, the time is now! The process is simple; it requires a Selfic tool and, most importantly, the willingness to spend your time with trees.

Welcome to this exciting and fun adventure!


Orient ancient trees

The priority now is to orient older, multi-centennial, and thousand-year-old trees; they are the so-called “Mother Trees”, repositories of knowledge of the plant world.

Orienting trees on islands

Coastal trees can transmit the orientation to marine vegetation: trees with roots in the water have also made it possible to extend this to underwater flora.

Reach a critical mass of oriented trees

The goal is to reach 1,200,000,000 oriented trees: when this critical mass is reached, the whole plant world will reach a new level of awareness, and will be able to guide the process by itself.

Tools to start orient trees

To begin your journey in this project, you’ll need a Selfica device called “Selfic pendulum.” Except for its use when orienting the trees, this pendulum can also be used for personal research and contact with the plant world.

To orient a tree, you’ll need to hold the pendulum in your hand, like in the photo, and walk three turns around the tree. Afterward, you can stay in the tree aura to perceive the contact and exchange..

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a project that anyone can join in by using a simple technique, which involves getting close to a tree while carrying a Selfic pendulum, and walking around the tree as if you were embracing it.

To orient a tree, you’ll need to hold the pendulum in your hand, like in the photo you see above, and walk three turns around the tree.

If the tree is very large, and difficult to walk around, you can pass the Selfica pendulum to friends around the tree. If the tree is very small, you can just pass the pendulum around its trunk three times, without walking around it.

After completing the orienting process, it is beautiful to spend time in contact with the tree/s and enjoy a moment of deep connection with them.

In this community you will find all instructions. Inside we share both the information and the beautiful photos from three orienting expeditions happening worldwide.

Our human evolution is inextricably linked to the alliance and reunification with the physical and subtle forces that inhabit this and other worlds, which Damanhurians call the “Mother Worlds.”

Plants and nature spirits are the beings who inhabit these worlds, and with this project, we want to open roads of deep contact with plants and all beings who inhabit natural environments.

We have a goal of 1,200 M orienting trees. We are currently at 162 M, so we still have a way to go. 🙂