Spiritual Popolo

Beyond ethnicity, divisions and borders: a spiritual container and identity. An accelerated step in the recomposition of the Soul of Humanity.

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What is the Spiritual Popolo?

The Spiritual Popolo is the spiritual container of the most elevated characteristics, ideals and talents of the people that are a part of it.

Originally formed by Damanhurian citizens only, it came into being when they realized that sharing life and ideals had the potential to create something much greater than just a group. It could form a spiritual reservoir, a living connector between the human and the divine dimension. Like all indigenous people know, belonging and recognizing oneself in a Popolo is an indispensable element to reconnect the dimension of life and that in-between physical existences, the dimension of dream and that of material reality. It is a way to enhance one’s personal talents by tapping into those of others, while at the same time offering the best of oneself for collective, coordinated evolution. 

Uniting intentions, actions and awareness and amplifying them through the spiritual reservoir of a Popolo means to perceive oneself as a cell of a larger body, and being more effective in supporting positive change.

Today, people of all ages from all over the world, are part of the Spiritual Popolo. They share a desire to grow, respect all beings and cultures, and find new practical ways to live in harmony with Earth and each other.

Why the world needs a Spiritual Popolo?

At a time in history when many cultures are disappearing and with them, a large part of the spiritual and cultural wealth of humanity, Damanhur felt the urge to contribute in reversing the trend.

A Popolo is the spiritual counterpart of shared life, arts, ideals, rituals, myths and mystical practices. It is an archetype that humanity needs to rediscover, to support existing indigenous peoples and give birth to new ones. From the separation of the I, to community, to spiritual Popolos: this is an important part of the recomposition of humanity’s soul.

Who is the  Popolo for?

Joining the Popolo is for anyone who feels close to the spiritual objectives of Damanhur, and wishes to unite their light to ours in the awakening of Humankind.

Members of the Spiritual Popolo Values


Think positively of themselves and others.


Nourish the union with the other members of the Popolo, and do what they can to support them through trust, respect, clarity, and solidarity.


Believe in the value of continuous inner transformation.


Know how to accept and appreciate diversity.


Base their relationship with the environment and others on values of spirituality, research, and ecology; they respect and conserve resources and avoid all forms of pollution and waste as much as possible.


Promote and disseminate these principles so that others can share them and create a network of "points of light" around the planet.

Being a member of the Damanhur Spiritual Popolo means recognizing oneself as a conscious part of something greater, like a drop in the ocean aware of containing the whole sea within itself.

Panda Sandalo,
group coordinator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming part of the Spiritual Popolo is very simple: join this group so we can establish a first contact and receive more detailed information.

We organise regular entrance ceremonies that can be done at a distance.

A simple,briefand intimate ceremony creates the connection with the Popolo.

During this ceremony, a simple cotton string is tied around one or your wrists. This string is alchemically prepared in Damanhur’s Temples, to create a vibrational connection with the reservoir of the Popolo. You activate it with your will by placing it on your crown chakra for one minute, ideally every morning.

During this simple daily one-minute activation, we invite you to affirm your intention to be in service to humanity’s awakening, and to feel the emotions that resonate within you.


1. Every last Monday in August, all the members of the Popolo are invited to meet at Damanhur in Italy to celebrate together and take a group photo.

If you cannot be present physically, and want to be in the picture, please send a photograph of yourself dressed in white. We can then add it digitally the collective photograph of the Popolo.

2. May 29 is considered Damanhur’s spiritual birthday. On that day, the different Damanhurian communities and center organize celebrations and lunches. All members of the Popolo are welcome. You’ll find info on this site.


Every month at the New Moon, a ritual celebrating the contact with the Divine through the Popolo as a spiritual entity takes place.

This ritual is called Damanhur Get (pronounced: jet, and meaning Divine Damanhur). When weather conditions allow it, it is celebrated outdoors in Damjl’s Open Temple. Otherwise, the Temples of Humankind host the ceremony.

Every Sunday morning —except on New Moons — Damanhur Get ritual takes place in a more intimate form, in the Temples of Humankind. 

All members of the Popolo are welcome in these two different rituals, previous communication of their participation through the Welcome Center.

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