Rebuilding the Bond with Bridge Species

Awakening Ancient Covenants for Collective Spiritual Evolution

Throughout history, certain animals, deemed “bridge species,” have joined forces with humans to rekindle their Divine Origin, contributing to the elevation of our earthly realm.

These creatures serve as conduits, consciously bridging the gap between the Spiritual and Physical Worlds.
Among them, alongside humans, are dolphins, whales, and elephants.

Empowered by ancient wisdom, our role becomes clear as we engage in the active evolution of our shared reality.
We're at a pivotal moment where numerous animal species are on the brink of reigniting their Divine Spark.

Join us in this project and contribute to fortifying the ancient covenants for a collective spiritual evolution.

Our Relationship with Bridge Species

Humans have overlooked the magnificence of these creatures endowed with the Divine Spark, dismissing them as lacking consciousness. In doing so, we’ve devastated their habitats, diminishing not only their populations but also the wondrous diversity of our planet. Now, it falls upon us to reestablish the connection with them and fortify the covenant for our shared spiritual advancement.

Awakening Ancient Memories of Bridge Species Project

In ancient times, humanity shared a profound connection with certain animal species known as “Bridge Species,” acknowledging our shared Divine Spark. Over time, this connection and its memories faded into obscurity. Now, at this pivotal juncture in history, it’s imperative to revive these memories within both ourselves and these animals. To rekindle this bond, we must communicate with these species using ancient gestural language.

This communication is vital because the evolution of humanity is intricately intertwined with the entire ecosystem, encompassing both flora and fauna.

The Awakening Ancient Memories of Bridge Species Project commenced in 2016 with the first marine species, the “Cetaceans.” Since then, it has expanded to include other species such as turtles, seals, and plans to reach out to many more, including gorillas and elephants.

How can you participate

If you’re feeling drawn to this project, there are many exciting ways you can get involved! The most thrilling opportunity is to join one of our trips and become an active participant in reigniting this age-old alliance. Your role in this endeavor is vital for the well-being of humanity as a whole.