Walk them, build them and deepen your understanding of their immense potential for personal and planetary evolution.

Movement within the spiral gives impetus to the inner movement and is an important tool for our personal growth

The spiral is without any doubt the basic shape of our universe: starting from the helix of the DNA to the galaxies, nature displays an incredible variety of spirals.

But there is something more: at Damanhur we think that spirals are not just shapes to be observed but structures to be walked through; not just geometric figures, but living forms, as they constitute the “nest” of cosmic energies that interact with those who walk through them.

According to the law of correspondence between the inside and the outside, movement within the spiral gives impetus to the inner movement, in an interplay of perceptions and emotions, that becomes an important tool for our personal growth.
Science fiction?

Spirals are great transformers, just like plants are, which, through their metabolism, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, something harmful to us, into something vital. Similarly, spirals contribute to converting our feelings and emotions into something more useful for our evolutionary path. Thus, emotions that are “difficult” to sustain, such as fear or pain, can become a support for our vital complexity.

Participating in this project you can deepen your knowledge of the spiral consciousness, share experiences with other participants, learn how to build a spiral in your own territory and collaborate on common projects. 

Spirals worldwide

The exciting project that Damanhur has been running since 2019 promotes and supports the construction of spirals worldwide.

To date, spirals have been built in Europe (Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, England, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland), Africa (Tanzania), Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Israel, and the USA (Colorado, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Michigan, Florida).

How are they built?

Spirals can be made of stones or rope, and they must receive a special preparation, which connects them to the Synchronic Lines, the flow of energy and thought that envelop the Planet, connecting it to the Galaxy of which it is a part.

Goals of the project / How can you participate

1 Walk the spirals

Discover the playful nature of these intelligent creatures, eager to communicate with you, to broaden and enhance your perception skills towards multilayered space-time dimensions.

2 Create a spiral

Connect your area to the worldwide spiral network! If you have a garden, a courtyard, or a nice piece of land and feel the call to build a Spiral, click here !

3 Host events

Make your spiral available to others. Spirals are especially happy in human company. The more they are walked, the more they reveal their unique nature and functions. Get inspired by sharing with others!

4 Research with us

To dive deeper into their mysteries and make the best use of their magic abilities, we strive for interconnected interdisciplinary research with diverse approaches. Share your knowledge, experience, and intuitions in existing groups or launch a new one!

5 Find ancient spirals

You heard or read something about ancient spirals or stumbled into one by chance… please tell us about its location.

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