Talks with Damanhur

What is it about the project of Damanhur that can give you original insights into your life?

Join this community to:
participate in monthly chats to learn more about its philosophy, the history and initiatives of the Community Federation in Italy and worldwide, and the role of its founder, Falco Tarassaco.

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Let's reflect on the big questions of life: Who am I? Where do I come from? In what ways can I give meaning to my life?

Once a month, on Tuesdays in Italian and Saturdays in English, on Damanhur’s YouTube channel, you can ask all the questions you want about Damanhur and receive information about the schools, courses, opportunities to visit communities and experiences in the Temples of Humankind.

Above all, you will get to understand why Damanhur exists, how it has grown to spread around the world, and in what direction it is developing and facing the great challenges of the future.

Our meetings will last about one and a half hours and will have a specific theme at its center, according to a schedule that you can help shape inside this online community.

The first part of each meeting will introduce the month’s theme.

The second part will offer meditation to allow the new information to sink deep inside yourself and bring out your questions.

The third will be devoted to questions and insights from your side.

Each meeting will be led by Gnomo Orzo, together with expert guests and researchers on various topics.

Participation is free of charge and no reservation is needed.

We ask you to help make this initiative known so that more and more people can be inspired to live a more meaningful life.

We want to share with you the most important thing we have: our life project. We want to tell you about Damanhur.

Gnomo Orzo

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We will talk about

The Divine

What is a "divinity"? What is divine within and without me?

Rebirth, Renewal

Life seen as transformation, renewal as an element of true stability.

The Spiritual Path

Truth seen as a crystal and Damanhurian Medit-Action School as a facet to discover it.

Spiritual Popolo

What is it, how to participate, and what does it bring into your life?

The Teacher

The concept of spiritual guidance, the inner teacher, Falco Tarassaco.

Sacred Spaces

Meeting the energies of the land and creating sacred areas, such as Sacred Woods and Temples of Humankind.


Operating, believing, living as a group, Damanhurian communities, history, and projects.

Our Ancient Roots

Where do human beings come from? Where are we going: from Atlantis to the stars?


How it happens, how to prepare for it, how to be close to a dying person, and why is it important?


The laws of life, natural laws, and ritual. The enchanted vision of life.


Learning how to dialogue with time, scheduling, the circular nature of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Talks with Damanhur will be featured in English and Italian.

Participation is free of charge. Still, we are grateful to all those who support this project by donating (every euro counts). You can donate here.

Inside this community, we are posting all previous meetings of the Talks with Damanhur.

No registration is required.

Since the meetings give a larger view of Damanhur, its vision, mission, projects, and how Damanhur can enrich your life, the best would be to participate in all meetings. Still, there is no requirement for regular participation.

The meeting has a specific structure, introducing the topic at the beginning, followed by a meditation, and ending with a Q&A session, so it makes the most sense to participate from the beginning; still, if you can only join us later in the meeting, you can still participate.