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Apr 8

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse and Spir’s Birthday: Join us in Walking Spirals

April 8

Solar Eclipse and not only… 🙂

On Monday, April 8, a rare cosmic alignment occurs with a solar eclipse coinciding with Spir’s 60th birthday. Who is Spir, you ask? Spir represents the first Cosmic Spiral contacted by Falco at the age of 14. To delve deeper into this intriguing tale, we recommend exploring the book “Stories of an Alchemist,” which shares 33 narratives of Falco’s awakening and (fair warning ;)) may ignite your own enlightenment.

This initial encounter marked the start of research and development of the Selfica, a Spiritual Technology allowing us to tap into nature’s life force and cosmic intelligence through the fundamental form of life—Spiral. For more insights on Selfica, visit this the Selfica website.

Don’t watch the Solar Eclipse (and find out why :))

To commemorate this extraordinary event, we invite you to join us on April 8 for a special activity: walking spirals.

Spirals symbolize life’s journey, spiritual growth, and metamorphosis. Walking spirals is a sacred ritual enabling connection with Earth’s energy and cosmic forces, fostering introspection and personal development.

For members of our Damanhur Online Community, we encourage gathering with others to engage in group spiral walks. A global Spiral map is available on the group.

If attending a physical spiral walk is unfeasible since you don’t have one nearby, we invite you to mark the occasion in your unique way.

Seize this astronomical moment to partake in a transformative practice that resonates with you, be it meditation, journaling, or any mindful activity that nurtures inner balance and connection.

Let’s not merely observe the eclipse; we are active participants in life, not mere spectators!

As we unite to celebrate Spir’s birthday and witness this exceptional solar event, let’s embrace the rejuvenating energy synonymous with springtime.

Let’s walk the spirals purposefully, allowing cosmic forces to steer us on the path of self-discovery and growth.

We eagerly anticipate sharing this momentous occasion with you, whether physically here in Damanhur Italy, worldwide or in spirit. Let’s together create waves of transformation that echo through our lives and the world.

Feel free to share your Spiral Walking or meditation experiences from April 8 here.

Wishing you a moment filled with joy and enlightenment.


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