Reincarnation: past lives research course. In Damanhur.

Damanhur Federazione di Comunità, Via Baldissero, 21, 10080 Vidracco TO, Italia

Impossible memories, faces, unknown places yet familiar, unexplained fears, innate abilities… You can search yourself for your past, perceive a still point in human consciousness,…

How to Find and Recognize Inner Answers

Online event

One of the most advanced fruits of Damanhur’s research in the temporal field. This course provides a simple and effective method to become architects and protagonists of your life.

How to Find and Recognize Inner Answers


In life, we often find ourselves asking questions, or even more commonly, feeling the intimate need to find answers. It’s not always easy to clarify…

Event Series Academy

AWAKENING ESSENTIALS 1 – Turn on the Senses of your Soul

Damjl Via Pramarzo 3, Baldissero Canavese TO, TO, Italia

This profound inner alchemy process makes you aware of your “inner senses,” i.e. the senses of your soul. Through this faculties, the divine principle in you manifests its presence in your life, so that you can transform that which is human to that which is divine.

Cultivation of Memories


Creating Your Own Future Timeline through Seed Temporal Technology. This course is the next level of Memory Transformation, therefore participation is only possible after completing…