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  • Full ideology, all your fundamental values

    Posted by Alexei on October 30, 2023 at 07:11

    Hi. I see you scientific views very bold and I am very skeptical about them. But your ideology is very interesting for me. Please, describe your ideology so that it may be as predictable as possible whenever I want to know what to expect from you. So, I may accept and use your ideology but I am not going to give reference to you since I don’t want to compromise it.

    1. How do you differentiate importance of sentient beings?

    For me, for example, mostly every sentient being and everything that has potential to feel is equal if don’t count unique methodological abilities of some. For example I can’t always change species that cause pain to others since it may hurt ecological system. Mankind for me seems to be immanently cruel, looking a long time forwards we should leave only the kindest and the most intelligent of them or change mankind with transhumanism so that it doesn’t cause trouble to other sentient beings. And everything else with time should be turned to live perfect life. But it is all right to exploit voluntarily evil maybe, I am not sure.

    2. What aims should be ours?

    I think we should aim either for perfect happiness and perfect intelligence(knowledge of everything and ability to solve everything), but it may be boring. Alternative – to live any life you want, like in virtual reality, without, probably, forcing something to participate in your perfect adventures so that they have discomfort. I want to mention that to avoid unbearable things is more important than to avoid pain, to understand the difference – try to stop breathing, with time you will prefer to feel pain although you know feel only very strong “wish”.

    3. What may be ad absurdum to my(and other answerers’) described values? And what situation the description(s) hasn’t covered?

    Thanks in advance, I am very interested in your response!

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