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  • Pekka Ilmari Nikander — towards working with time where life and death unite

    Posted by Pekka Ilmari on December 12, 2023 at 21:34

    Hello everyone. As a former serial entrepreneur and university professor, I am now going through a deep transformation towards understanding universe/myself. In 2021 life brought me to a dead end, allowing awakening. Since that I have been integrating and accepting, gradually lifting veils.

    For a long time, my life was suffering. My life is still quite painful, but now I am able to accept it, as it is. Some people call me brave. If courage is being able to face one’s fears, maybe there is some truth. Having a deep fear of life certainly helps there.

    My soul desires to work where life and death unite. But, I am not there yet. I don’t even understand what that means. Instead, I am learning how to travel where life and death meet, studying what there is. I am also contemplating how that borderline is related to the structure of time.

    I invested decades on my former worldview, based on reductive materialism. I understand how the mainstream society works; I was very much part of the mainstream. I hope one day to be helping building bridges between mainstream and spiritual.

    I live mostly in Finland, coming to Valchiusella every now and then, mostly to Arca Tentyris (Dendera and Tesan).

    Quando ho imparato più italiano, vorrei parlare profondamente del tempo, della vita e della morte anche nella lingua bella. Ma non posso ancora parlare abbestanza bene.

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