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    Here you can find astrological forecasts, advices according to nature cycles and calendars from the indigenous peoples traditions.

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    Indigenous peoples have traditionally sought to forge their ways of life in consonance with all other forms of life in their natural surroundings. This has profound consequences for understanding their spiritualities. Firstly, all of life is conceived in terms of innumerable shortand long-term cycles, from the short cycles of flowering plants and the alternation of day and night to the longer cycles of human life, the life of social units, to the longest cycle of all: the cosmos, which—like human life—is born, grows old, transforms to the spirit world, and regenerates in a new cycle. Concepts of human life cycles are thus modeled on other life cycles of the world around them and the larger cosmos in which their world is situated. From the time children begin to become aware of the ways of the world, they are taught to be morally responsible for respecting and maintaining these cycles. The extent to which indigenous religious traditions have developed calendric modes of time passage, the cycles sometimes can be extraordinarily long—for example, the Maya and Aztec of Central America are celebrated for having developed “long count calendars” that last tens of thousands of years, starting from the calculated date of creation to a foreseen “end-time,” followed by the regeneration of life. It is remarkable how indigenous cultures the world over celebrate cosmos-generating rituals with such calendric precision that the religious specialists guard and transmit the times of long-cycle transitions over many generations (e.g., the new fire ceremony of the Aztecs, celebrated every fifty-two years; or the Sigi ceremony among the Dogon of Mali, which are celebrated in cycles of sixty years). (Robin M. Wright)

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    Discover the everyday astrological forecast according to Chol Q’ij, the Maya Sacred Calendar!

    We tend to think of time as something that just happens, living our lives through the linear Gregorian 7 day week pattern. This pattern takes us out of harmony with our planet, the cycles of life and nature on this planet, and the cycles of the other planets in our solar system. The Chol Q’ij, the Maya Sacred Calendar, takes these into account and helps us to organize our activities accordingly; to use our energy wisely, carrying out the appropriate actions when the energy is most conducive to their success.

    Follow the sacred count of days of the Highland Maya people and find the daily reading of the astrologist and Mayan Day Keeper, Mark Elmy, from the lake Atitlan in Guatemala:

    Are you aware of other original calendar systems to easily follow and consult?

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