April: Earth day, get ready with us!

On April 22, millions of people around the world will turn their attention—and hopefully their choices and actions—to the climate emergency, and to the need of changing our way of life. Earth Day, which is now Earth Week, will help us connect globally through educational and artistic initiatives.

Every thought, every action, every change towards healing the Earth are important. From Damanhur, on this special meeting point of Synchronic Lines—the flows of energy connecting our planet to the universe—we will once again gather with our friends around the world to call the attention of Pan, the spiritual energy that protects the Earth.

Why is it so important to connect to divine forces?
Because the enormity of the challenge we face in restoring climate balance requires collaboration with higher forces. Did you know that CO2 levels are once again above pre-pandemic levels, and must fall by 45% by 2030 to contain global warming?

We do not expect gods to manifest like Marvel superheroes, but we act so that energies that inhabit and inform more complex levels of existence help us move towards new thoughts, ways of living, and perceiving. They can open access to new reservoirs of knowledge so that we can dream of or intuit inventions and solutions. New achievements in knowledge are called ‘discoveries’ because they already exist in some line of possibility. We need to orient our brain-antenna to that frequency if we want to find them.

We want to play our part in this orientation towards new levels of knowledge, together with all our friends around the world. Once more we want to show the Earth and all the spiritual Forces connected to us that more and more people understand that ecology means also recognizing the presence of conscious, living Forces in Nature, in trees, in water, and in the air. Actions to protect the environment, such as careful recycling, less waste, conscious shopping, organic farming, and rewilding are spiritual practices in their own right.

Since last December, we have been meeting on the 21st. We will therefore meet on April 21st, at 7 pm CET sharp, on oromadamanhur.com. This time we will call upon the creative energies of the Earth to give them form through art. Prepare large sheets of paper, paints—possibly those you can use with your hands—and make sure you can hear the music well.

If it is legal in your country, call your friends and prepare a space to create together. From 7 pm to 7:40 pm CEST (10 am – 10:40 am PST), we will ask the Force of the Earth to open our creative channels, to feel the pleasure of our vital energies flowing and giving shape to our sensations and insights.

Then, remember to share your creation on your social networks. It is an important magical act to spread this message more and more! Use hashtags #oromadamanhur, #theearthcalling, #respondtoearth

Are you a digital artist? Are you familiar with NFT’s?

Would you like to help us share the message of hope of the Temples of Humankind in a whole new way? We are looking for artists and experts to develop NFT’s inspired by the images and mythical narrative of the Temples. Please, write to manta@damanhur.org

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