A Letter from Beyond to everyone

Several months after his passing (which occurred in June 2013), the Damanhurians discovered that the Founder Falco had left them a long series of letters proposing missions for everyone to undertake worldwide, to create connections and alliances with all forms of Life, and among all those who desire the awakening and growth of humanity as a whole.

The letters, entrusted to a person he trusted, the “Postwoman,” continue to arrive according to the instructions left by Falco, providing inspiration over ten years after his passing.

Falco dedicated the last months of his life to writing these letters to continue inspiring and encouraging those who identify with the Spiritual Project of Damanhur, to support the field that unites them with others, to instill love in their hearts and light in their eyes, in the name of the common Spiritual Mission.

A complex communication, as Falco left numerous versions of each letter, but only one is shared, depending on whether specific events occur.

Yesterday, May 29, was a special day, the anniversary of Falco’s birth, which has been celebrated for forty years as the Birthday of the Spiritual Popolo, and a new letter arrived. With a novelty: thanks to a synchronistic question from a guest present at the collective reading of the letter, the Postwoman indicated that the new message from Falco should be shared with all those who feel in resonance with our Spiritual Project. So, here it is.

May this letter inspire all who read it, and spread connection and understanding in the world, making us all active participants in discovering the beauty and opportunities of the world and of Life.

LETTER MAY 29 2024


Preparing for spiritual Journeys, inward and outward, requires a positive and optimistic attitude; directed will; choice; consistency; change; friends; brothers and sisters; trust; positive thought; the sense of the divine and the sense of exchange; synchronistic events; signs to interpret, and understand how to read.

I gladly open for everyone the possibility of getting ready; naturally, those who feel more involved and have trust, will be able to go well beyond the mere preparation, through well-marked paths.

I have always desired a deeply spiritual Popolo that prepares for this. Those who are feeling bored now, will surely find plenty to keep them busy; those who are feeling tepid also will. Those who want to be useful to the whole of Humanity will turn into luminous warriors; those who feel aligned with a widespread positive thinking to save humanity also will.

Recognizing you and taking you on this path has been one of my greatest dreams, and it is my immense pleasure to welcome pilgrims, spiritual groups and fortunate guests that believe in this dream, and are willing to participate.

Those who feel “old”, whatever your age, do not get disheartened. But those who feel “old”, and really feel it, take off this heavy garment and move (literally) to be welcomed. At times, a physical movement correspond also to a movement of energy and spirit.

Close your eyes, take two or three deep breaths and move one step forward—even if it is a small one. Stimulate and support anybody’s step forward; helping others is a part of the task of a spiritual warrior. Be witty and humorous; this, too, is part of the tools to prepare.



I have assigned missions for the magical Journeys, but you are to learn to move in a different way than before, open up and be prepared with the attitude I described before. Everything changes, you too have to adapt.

To prepare to live experiences on planes different from ours—the physical one, I mean—I recommend you train through out-of-body projections. In this way, once you live an experience on one of the planes other than mere matter, you will live it fully and you will learn, little by little, to be spiritual beings on every plane/dimension.

A sensitive person knows that breathing is the foundation of everything. Its rhythm, depth, intensity and function may change, but everything is based upon this foundation-gesture of life. Everyone is involved in it in this world of forms, and also in the others, on the different planes, and in all of the Universes.

Everyone knows this, Humanity and Alienity, vegetable beings, animal beings, and subtle beings. Our Planet itself has its own breath, as well as all the other planets, and all the Universes.

For this reason, for very many years, I have been adding a special ritually added additive to your evening breathing, in order to turn it into a fuel suitable for out-of-body experiences, daily ritual operations, dreaming, and for the will that gives strength to your choices. You collect this additive when you use our consecrated places, the Temples, the Prayer Halls, and on the territories of the whole of Damanhur. To take advantage of this help, all those who do not live nearby need, is just a place that is “Damanhur territory.”

And furthermore, for all the inhabitants of the planet, in every place you designate as a “sacred site”, that you treat as such, or think as such—be it in your home, or in nature—I will make sure that a bit of spiritual additive reaches you through the Energy Lines of our Planet.

As I was saying, out-of-body experiences help you for sure if you have to prepare to travel: magical journeys, journeys in parallel worlds, Mother Worlds, in the Beyond, in the Real but, most of all, within you. That’s correct, you can astral travel both outwards and inwards.

This is a new phase that you will study specifically to teach traveling inwards, to get to know the power of the Left Hand, to get to know yourself with no masks, the real you, with no limits nor barriers. The knots, the obstacles you might encounter are only in the characters that do not actually want to get anything up of themselves, and calcify making you static and unmovable.

As I was saying, one of the access doors for the Journey to the Real is yourself, but if you do not clean up your rooms and do not prepare with the right techniques, you will encounter some difficulties in getting there.

Therefore, those who want to be Spiritual Warriors, write up a good tecnarcale or luminous program; it is not to be forced, only you know how to be more sincere, harmonious, real, present, optimistic, spiritual, witty, full of trust and confident, understanding, and ready for purity.

And it goes without saying that, in order to perceive and work on planes different from your own, you must study and train with the right techniques—preferably damanhurian ones, such as astral travel, for instance. But use whatever makes you feel better, whatever works for you. What matters is that you breath, and learn to be disciplined and consistent on the path you choose. Selections are not necessary: you yourselves will be the selectors.

During astral traveling, when you are “in flight”, the lights on the Temples are very strong, warm and enveloping, and you will be instinctively attracted by them. Every Temple built with devotion has these lights, but only those who know where the codes are may enter. In the Temples of Humankind, the underground Temples, the codes are written on the walls and only those who locate them (and share the information) may enter; in all other case it is only your fantasy or imagination that make you think you have entered them. There are passages that cannot be crossed, as their access open only through a combination of codes and the recording within the selfic structures. And so, a new universe in the astral will introduce you to stunning and novel wonders, scented colors, lines of power with different energies, enchanting lights from the glassworks. You will explore for the first time a few living selfic circuits; synchronic wells and points of surfacing; spheroself in their true density; Cabins that will help you travel across all time and space.

The whole structure, the architecture, the floors and the sculptures are like a grand concert of emotions that will make you read the Temples with one more key, one that will help you unveil what still seems hidden to you.

(Passages taken by an article written by Falco and read together with him.)

Getting ready also means accepting yourself as you are; having an idea of yourself, your talents and limits; understanding your own truths and subordinating them to greater motivations. Selfishness, seeing things for yourself first and later for the cause, is serious on the path of an elevated spirit. The Popolo is a program to reach perfection starting from elements that are all imperfect, like a perfect fractal of Humanity.

Presumption, the idea you always know it all, does not elevate you, does not give value to others. Do not overestimate or underestimate yourself; let others help you—but really all others, not just your friends; do not point your finger at others; a reciprocal act of love, always while breathing. Breath, again and again.

Let’s unite more dots, and so the Nucleo first of all (that is people living together and sharing project with daytime and nighttime dreams, filing away or adding what needed to their personalities), or a recognized group that has projects uself to all; the centers, and the idea of community that I export as the best, acquire a huge value, the crib of our evolution as a group/Popolo.

Without Peoples on our Planet, strong groups that do not split up due to trifles and trivialities, friends that dream together and make projects come true, nothing of what I wrote so far will make it possible for us to have a good outcome.

Social evolution itself remains and grows only as long as it is cultivated; as long as structures are thought of and supported, with collaboration, participation and hope you can have your crib for growth.

Sufficiency, arrogance, and presumption, and the certainty of being always right are well-rooted enemies. Beings with no energy, no passion and presence will not let their soul be freed. Mitigate this sides of your character in order to “fly,” and maybe take a deep breath, again and again, before sharing them with others. This dross of yourself obfuscates everybody’s inner beauty, that is very precious; let it show through, and it will take you swiftly beyond the veil, to the Real, where we can maybe meet for a quick smile, before continuing the mission: do everything possible and give the instruments so that the spiritual evolution of humanity may take place.

A huge hug to all of you,

Lava Tarassaco
Falco cristallo

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