Oracle of April 2024

Response for Damanhur and for those listening as gathered by those present:

Aid from many visitors.
Richness of passages, essences and experiences
touch the land of DH, they bring messages and messages are sent as signals to humanity.
Tell them key words to be spread in the project for humankind.
Time bridges, cabins. Mirror game possible to neutralize moves of adversaries
and turn temporal pages, sending them back.
Watch out for manipulation of media epidemic.
In the world, new system of assimilation and molecular foods.
No-kill forms of nutrition. Curious repercussions and philosophical implications.
Ra Solar God unveils, bringing fire, through him.
Understanding by climbing the steps of purity, reflection.
Brilliant souls, without the comparison and competition.
Intimate direction of humility equals expressed power.
Cures to reduce senility.


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