Oracle of March 2024

Response for Damanhur and for those listening as gathered by those present:

Gathering ether with gliding kites.
Use esoteric languages, sacred language, with fire and gestures to tell words of the soul.
Active time gates to contact past civilizations and recall of spirals with TAAM.
Manifesting focus for the new galactic leap.
Mystic prayer to keep the bridge built and unite the shores.
With the Citadel, be ready to exit at any time, with the reliant convictions of useful expansions for conscious return.
The alchemy of nuances of feelings, of emotions,
playing with words for formulas to evoke substances.
Alchemists in search of new frontiers. Flowers. Perfumes.
New and ancient foods to unite in the diet.
Transubstantiation in the Popolo.
Divine attractors mature grafts to reawaken men and gods.
Damanhurian arks prepared to lead the Popolo beyond boundaries.
Free from apparent limits.
Of the half-a-century time value, intimate and national celebration.
With strong and fine hands in creating other pages of the future.

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