Conference proceedings – Gender Identity

On February 24, 2024, Damanhur was the venue for an extraordinary conference that tackled the complex and delicate issue of gender identity.

Titled “The Debate on Gender Identity: Finding Meanings in a Topic that Divides Minds”, the event took place both on-site and live online, providing an inclusive platform to explore this intricate topic.

The declared goal of the conference, “Navigating the Rainbow among history, biology, social construction, education and instrumentalizations”, underlines the importance of addressing the issue of gender identity from different perspectives. This multidimensional approach aims to debunk stereotypes, stimulate dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of a topic that often divides opinions.

To achieve this goal, we explored various facets of this complex topic, without claiming to exhaust it and aware that we have not covered them all. This represents the beginning of a debate that can continue in this community to enrich the work of our researchers on issues related to awareness, well-being, and transformation.

We are aware that only cisgender people intervened in this context, my testimony about my journey as a homosexual teengaer in the ’80 has been just a small contribution to share the welcome and respect that we here at Damanhur have for personal choices and stories.

Orango Riso, head of Medit-Action —the initiatory path of Damanhur— introduced the conference, highlighting the importance of the topic in a time when humanity is undergoing a process of transformation and evolution. He emphasized the key role of reflection on gender identity in the recovery of archetypes and connections, particularly in the context of the male-female duality.

Capra and I, organizers and facilitators of the event, outlined some of the crucial issues, including mapping the facets related to attraction, identity, expression, and sex. We highlighted the difference between sex and gender, inviting reflection and open debate on the complexity of these concepts.

Photographer and filmmaker Carlo Bevilacqua presented his project “Queer Divine”, exploring gender fluidity in various cultures and traditions through personal stories, myths, and traditions. His work brought a valuable diversity of perspectives to the conference, broadening the understanding of gender identity in global contexts.

Esperide Ananas Ametista, a Damanhurian researcher, author, and psycho-sociologist, offered a unique perspective with her intervention “Towards the Androgyne”, exploring ancient myths, works in the Temples of Humanity of Damanhur and quotes from Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur. Her original reading key allowed opening the field to the evaluation of obstacles on the path, including the hypothesis of the existence of strategies to prevent an awakening that leads us to “become” androgynous again.

Psychologist Patrizia Scanu shared her in-depth research and experiences on the subject, deepening the topic of dystrophy in childhood and adolescence, highlighting potential risks of medicalization of complex and articulated discomforts. Her contribution raised crucial questions about the need to carefully consider the evolutionary dynamics over time.

Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen event, the discussion on biological aspects was skipped, but third-party information was provided and stimulating questions were asked to encourage further research.

In a context where only cisgender people intervened, the invitation is to be open to an inclusive debate. Contributions and comments are welcome in this community, with respect for the different perspectives that such a complex topic inevitably generates. Thank you in advance for your participation and curiosity, key elements to enrich the dialogue on this important topic.

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