Falco and the expression of a collective spirit

Conversations with Falco Tarassaco often left one with the impression of engaging with a multitude of voices, as if he channeled the collective spirit of Damanhur itself. He embodied the wisdom, wit, and humor of the entire community, responding as a collective entity would, synthesizing the essence of its members. While Falco possessed a unique depth and insight into others, he also served as the conduit for Damanhur’s collective energy. He was not just an individual but the manifestation of the community’s spirit, expressed through him.

After conveying Falco’s message in my book “Falco Tarassaco – The Dream, The Message,” and intertwining my voice with his in “The Poetry of my Consciousness,” where I share the poems Falco wrote in his adolescence, I felt compelled to embark on a collective endeavor with “I, we, Falco.” In this book, through the narratives of seventeen Damanhurians, I endeavor to capture the essence and character of Damanhur’s founder. Falco’s persona, rich in its primary hues yet ineffable and beyond definition, remains at the core of our collective narrative.

Falco played a pivotal role in shaping Damanhur, not merely through his charisma, but by igniting the desires, talents, and enthusiasm of every Damanhurian. His dream became intertwined with ours, melding his vision with the collective aspirations of the community. Thus, his legacy lives on in the ongoing work and aspirations of each Damanhurian.

As we prepare to celebrate Falco Tarassaco in Damanhur with a public conference May 26, marking eleven years since his passing, I am reminded of Osho’s words, “Never born, never died.” While Falco may have been more reticent in self-definition, he would perhaps appreciate an epitaph that reads, “He’s here – can’t you see him? – in each of his traveling companions.”

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