Energy fields in the Temples of Humankind

Semir Osmanagich, known for uncovering the Bosnian pyramids and conducting research on 75 megalithic sites and pyramids globally, has shared findings from studies conducted in Damanhur, highlighting the extraordinary significance of the sacred sites in this area.

His research aims to unite science, spirituality, and energy by utilizing a range of technologies such as a PIP camera, Teslameter, Trifield meter, and other specialized instruments. These tools measure magnetic, electromagnetic, bioenergetic, orgone, and scalar energy fields that are invisible to the naked eye.

Semir and his technical team visited various locations including Damjl, the Sacred Woods, and multiple halls of the Temples of Humankind to conduct measurements. Semir discussed key points extracted from a 250-page document resulting from the research conducted at Damanhur.

Watch a brief video here below.

The locations in Damanhur boast energy fields and frequencies that surpass the ordinary range and are shielded from “energetic smog,” making them perfect for various activities like healing, meditation, relaxation, rituals, and spiritual research.

Typically, energy frequencies in a landscape are observed in horizontal bands of color, with a significant vertical shift occurring at the mountain where the Temples of Humankind are situated, resembling the Bosnian pyramid site.

Semir recalls a conversation with Falco Tarassaco (founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur) years ago regarding these studies, where Falco mentioned that the Temples hold energy as potent as a pyramid, a fact that Semir had not perceived at that time, indicating Falco’s deeper understanding of the subject.

Dome-like fields exist above the Open Temple and the Damjl ritual circle which then change frequency during the phases of the Solstice ritual.

There are exceptionally high levels of orgone energy in many halls of the Temples (0.90-0.91) and in the “Boschetto” of Damjl (0.95).

Semir shared his considerations about why some sacred spaces, including the Temples of Humankind, are energetically active:

      1. Geometry
      2. Construction material
      3. Orientation – north-south and east-west following energy flows of the planet
      4. Inner chambers and passageways
      5. Underground tunnels
      6. Water – movement releases negative ions, especially underground water
      7. Sacred Geometry
      8. Astronomical features
      9. Energy potent places 

We are grateful to Semir for conducting such carefully documented research, and we look forward to future collaborations!

Are you interested in the research done. You can access the entire research paper on the link below.

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